Getting Into Griffith's Valuation
An online database provides access to a valuable Irish records collection.

Tracking down your Irish ancestors can be difficult, given the devastating loss of the 1821 through 1851 census returns in the 1922 Dublin Four Courts fire. Fortunately, Griffith's Valuation of Rateable Property (commonly called "Griffith's Primary Valuation") can act as a "census substitute." Published between 1847 and 1864, Griffith's Valuation is not only the first systematic valuation of property holdings in Ireland, but also the most important resource for locating mid-19th-century Irish residents. Now, you can access a fully indexed online version through a subscription to Irish Origins.

Though not the first online version of Griffith's Valuation, Irish Origins' database is easy to search and lets you view digital images of the original volumes, including revisions and amendments. The database—produced by in partnership with Irish genealogical publisher Eneclann and the National Library of Ireland—includes more than 1 million names of landowners, landlords and renters.