Blogging Your Memories
Find out how the Web log craze can facilitate your family history research.
Have you entered the blogosphere yet? A fast-growing Internet trend, Web logs (“blogs” for short) hit the mainstream during the 2004 political conventions and have been popping up by the thousands ever since. In case you've missed them, blogs are online journals where people can post anything on their minds. Type a subject into a search engine, and you're bound to find a blog devoted to it. Genealogy's a hot topic — we've turned up thousands of family tree-focused blogs.

So how can this trend help your family history research? Blogs are ideal for connecting with far-off kin — and even distant cousins you haven't met yet. Once you sign up for a blog (see below), you can post your research brick walls and breakthroughs, reunion details, old photos, links to your favorite genealogy Web sites and anything else related to your family tree. Then anyone who reads your blog will know what you're up to.

Consider setting up a blog for each of your family's surnames, or create a single “umbrella” blog with separate categories for surnames, places and pictures. Just remember that blogs are public, so you don't want to post personal information, such as your phone number or address.