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Welcome to Family Tree Magazine's online video page—the place to see demonstrations of genealogy techniques and tools, get virtual tours of research repositories and resources, and watch the Family Tree Magazine team in action.

Below we'll post our most recent and favorite clips. To view a video, simply click the arrow in the center of the screen. You can pause and, using the slider bar at the bottom of the screen, rewind and fast-forward.

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Grave Transformations

Duration: 7:08
Description: Learn how to use photo-enhancing software to make photos of headstones easier to read. Lisa Louise Cooke serves as your insider, dishing up these valuable tips and tricks.

Your Ancestors' Hairstyles

Duration: 3:33
Description: Readers sent in dozens of photos of their ancestors' hairstyles. Our Photo Detective, Maureen A. Taylor,  put a selection of them into this video.

Cincinnati Public Library Tour

Duration: 6:40
Description: The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County recently underwent a reorganization that puts more of its Genealogy and Local HIstory collection at patrons' fingertips. See some of the collection highlights and learn what the library's resources can tell you about your ancestors.

How to Locate and Subscribe to a Genealogy Podcast

Duration: 9:23
Description: So you've heard about podcasts, but haven't a clue how to tune in? As you'll see in this video, it's easier than you might think. Follow along as Lisa Louise Cooke—host of our very own free monthly podcast—guides you through the steps to finding and subscribing to podcasts in iTunes.

Visual Guide to House Styles

Duration: 3:57
Description: Did your family live in a Federal or Foursquare? Find out in this slideshow of American house styles, with explanations of their architectural hallmarks and the eras when they were most popular.

Using Google Books Search

Duration: 3:37
Description: You can tap into a voluminous collection of historical and genealogicallly helpful books on Google. We give you an overview of Google Books Search—plus search hints for finding titles relevant to your research.
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