Get live genealogy hints and help from genealogy experts in our webinars! These interactive events will teach you how to improve your research skills and make new family history discoveries. Each webinar lasts about an hour and includes a Q&A session where you can get answers to your specific genealogy questions on the workshop topic.

Recorded Webinars

Free Civil War Webinar

Life in Civil War America Free Webinar

As we mark the 150th anniversary of the war between the states, learn what life was really like during that era—for the soliders who fought and died in the conflict, as well as the civilians they left behind at home. Take a virtual trip back to the 1860s with the author of the new book Life in Civil War America to discover what your ancestors' lives were like!
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Price: FREE!
  • Presenter: author Michael O. Varhola with editor Jacqueline Musser

Photo Detective Live! Solutions to Your Photo Mysteries

Photo Detective Live! Solutions to Your Photo Mysteries

Maureen A. Taylor, the Photo Detective, has been solving family historians' photo mysteries for years. In celebration of National Photo Month, she offers advice for identifying family photos in this free webinar.
  • Length:  30 minutes
  • Price: FREE! 
  • Presenter:  Maureen A. Taylor, the Photo Detective


10 Steps to Discover Your Roots

  • Length: 1 hour
  • Price: FREE
  • Presenter: Allison Stacy, editorial director and publisher of Family Tree Magazine with special guests Lisa Louise Cooke, David A. Fryxell and Nancy Hendrickson
Tracing your family tree has never been easier or more rewarding—and this live tutorial will give you the tools you need to get off to a sound start. You’ll discover how to research and record your family history with step-by-step advice and ideas from genealogy experts. Watch it now!

Recordings of our previous workshops are available for purchase in our online store. Past sessions include:

How Does This Work? Webinar FAQ

OK, so this all sounds good—but if you’ve never taken a webinar, you might still be wondering how they actually work.

A webinar is similar to a live workshop or seminar you’d attend at a genealogy society meeting or conference, only it takes place over the Internet. That means you can “attend” the workshop from the comfort of home. All you need a computer and a broadband Internet connection—no special computer skills required.

You just log in at the special URL provided when you register, then listen and follow along as the presenter shares helpful tips and advice on the workshop topic. As you listen, you can pose questions for the presenter to answer during the Q&A segment of the workshop. A “host” will also be available to help if you encounter any technical issues.

Each workshop lasts an hour. Don’t worry about taking notes—you’ll get to download a PDF of the slides once the workshop concludes, plus any handouts the presenter provides. You also can access an “archive” version of the entire workshop online in case you want to listen again. (This is also a good way to attend the workshop if you can’t make it to the live event.)

How to Participate

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the process:

1. Use the links above to go to our online store, ShopFamilyTree.com, and purchase a registration for the desired session. You’ll go to a registration page that recaps the session content and a form to fill in your registration information.

2. After purchase, you will receive a link to the webinar registration page. Follow that link to register for the session on GoToWebinar, the system that hosts our webinars. Fill in at least the required fields.
3. Upon registering at GoToWebinar, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail contains all the details you need to log in to the webinar, including an access link you'll use to log on the day of the webinar. You'll also receive a “reminder” e-mail with the log on details if you register several days in advance. This e-mail also includes an e-mail address to contact an administrator with any technical issues.

3. Five to 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to start, log in using the access information provided in your confirmation e-mail. (Mac users, we recommend using your Safari browser.) Your browser will launch a new window where the workshop will take place. You’ll see the presentation slides in the middle. 

4. Participants’ audio is muted (to ensure that background noise doesn’t spoil anyone’s experience), but there’s a chat window in the lower right corner of your window where you can ask questions and communicate with the host in case you have a problem.

5. When the webinar concludes, simply close the GoToWebinar window.

If you still have questions about Family Tree University webinars, please contact us.
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