Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day
Learn the answers to burning questions such as: How should you greet a fellow Irishman on St. Patrick's Day? Should you wear your green carnation in Ireland?
  • Traditional Irish greeting on St. Patrick's Day: "Beannacht na feile Padrig oraibh," which means "May the blessings of St. Patrick be with you."

  • When General George Washington's troops seized Boston from the British on March 17, 1776, the word "Boston" was used as the password and "St. Patrick" as the reply.

  • If you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the Irish way, forget the green beer, green derbies and green carnations on your lapels. These are Anglo-American expressions of the holiday.

  • St. Patrick's Day serves as a brief reprieve for many Catholics from the deprivations of Lent. It's a time when children can gobble up sweets and their parents can drink a pint at the local pub before Easter.

  • Want to whip up a traditional Irish meal to get your brood in the mood? Irish lamb stew, corned beef salad, mashed potatoes and Irish soda bread make a great menu. Click here for recipes for Irish dishes.
    Are you a little—or a lot—Irish? Use these Family Tree Magazine resources to help you trace your roots in Ireland:


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