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What is forensic genealogy? Get an inside look at this field with forensic genealogist Leslie Lawson.
Men and women may not come from different planets, but we do have different DNA. Find out how gender (yours and your ancestors’) affects your genetic genealogy options.
We share the best databases, apps and other tools for your genetic genealogy research.
Ancestry.com's new autosomal DNA test pairs genetic genealogy with traditional research.
Meet the face and the force behind genealogy TV shows such as the PBS series—Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Links to genetic genealogy testing companies and the tests each offers.
Turn to these resources for the answers you need about DNA.
If you find a match to your DNA markers in one of these online databases, you may be able to climb your family tree faster than ever.
Can't find a DNA surname study for your last name? These resources will help you get one started.
Participating in a DNA surname project? We’ll help you understand some of the scientific terms you'll come across.
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