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Trace your ancestry in Prussia, Bavaria and more with our guide to research in Germany’s historical regions.
Overcome five common research problems facing German genealogists.
Your ancestor may appear in genealogical records by his given or middle name, or a shortened form of the name. Here are some common German names and nicknames.
To better research your German-speaking ancestors, learn these common terms auf Deutsch.
Did your German-speaking ancestors inhabit the mountains and valleys of Switzerland and Austria? Here’s how to navigate the highs and lows of genealogical research in these two nations.
This language translation chart will help you sort out the months in German genealogy records.
Descendants of a famous Cincinnati brewer discover their German roots—and each other.
Need help finding family overseas? Let a local be your guide. This year’s Family Tree 40 list highlights the top blogs for tracing roots around the globe.
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers.
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