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For many genealogists, the final goal of their family research is to share it with future generations, allowing our origins to paint our identity. This month, learn about the different tools available to help you record and preserve your family's story.
Get to know these 40 family historians to follow: top genealogy bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, Pinners and YouTubers who'll keep you in the know.
Episode sponsored by: Because brick walls are such a consistent nuisance for genealogists, learn how to combat them with the latest tips and tricks from the experts, including the Family Tree German Genealogy Guide, the Digital Public Library of American website, the Unpuzzling County Boundaries on demand webinar and the Family Tree Problem Solver.
Episode sponsored by: On the heels of the annual RootsTech conference, learn about the latest high-tech research tools, including the massive databases on, 41 free family history tools, the upcoming web-centric issue, and Family Tree University's Winter 2014 Virtual Conference.
Writing your family story doesn't have to be a big, intimidating project. Here are six quick ideas to help you share your clan's unique history.
Expert answers on researching your relative's service in the Civilian Conservation Corps.
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers.
This episode's theme is the 175th Anniversary of Photography. Learn about photo editing and retouching for genealogists, cool photo features on sites like MyHeritage and, and hear about the history of photography from the Photo Detective herself, Maureen Taylor.
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