November 2011 Articles
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Get inside your relatives' heads with this chronicle of fun facts, headlines and memories.
The lighter side of family history.
Ancestors in their own words.
A new-on-the-scene search engine, Mocavo, is genealogy-specific and blazing fast. It searches tens of thousands of websites such as forums, blogs, state archives, Find A Grave, the Library of Congress, Internet Archive and the National Archives.
Use these websites to search Indian census schedules, removal rolls, photos, land records and more.
Uncover the clues in historical records. This issue: Declaration of Intention
Learn how to preserve and transcribe old family diaries.
An online records bonanza makes now simply the best time to discover your roots in England.
Published family histories can save or sink your research. Follow our advice for finding these potential genealogy treasure troves and mining the good information while weeding out the bad.
If your ancestors transplanted themselves to Portland, it's not difficult to find out more about them in one of America's greenest cities.
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