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Worried how long your digital photos will last? Follow these tips to keep them in tip-top shape as long as possible.
How do you convert old home movies and photos to digital? Try out one of these conversion services.
You've been meaning to digitize all those family photos for years. Now's the time—just follow our five steps.
Learn how to use your digital camera to "scan" family documents and pictures.
Our Photo Detective points out how props can provide clues in family photos.
Discover your Civil War-era ancestors through their pictures.
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers.
Figuring out when a photo was taken is key to solving your picture puzzles. Decade by decade, we'll show you how hidden clues can help you date family photos.
Which grandmother is in this old family photograph? Our expert offers tips for learning the answer.
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