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Tax records can be instrumental in tracing ancestors between US census years and before the first federal census in 1790. We'll get you started researching in this valuable genealogical resource.
Obituaries are getting easier to find online—but the newest ones may disappear before descendants even start looking for them.
If your non-naturalized immigrant ancestor lived in the United States when the Alien Registration Act of 1940 was passed, look for an Alien Registration form, or AR-2. We'll show you what you can learn from this information-rich record.
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers.
Learn the meanings of that legalese in ancestral wills and probate files.
Learn how to use photo-editing software to read illegible gravestones
Protection certificates may be your key to researching your New England seaman ancestor.
Discover how to glean genealogy clues from your ancestors' wills.
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