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Browse’s Card Catalog

You can search’s card catalog for collections of records by geography and by record type. By clicking on the link to each collection, you’ll go to a page that contains information about what you’ll find in that collection. 
For example, if you have German ancestors, there are 36 sets of German military records on But do you know what types of records fall under the category of “military?” There’s everything from Kitchener, Ontario’s German War graves to concentration camp records to German casualties in the Franco-Prussian war 1870-1871.
Clicking on the Franco-Prussian war records offers a description of the records, along with name, rank, regiment and company, information about deaths and injuries, place of origin, battles fought in, and other details. Tip
Browse through’s collections in the catalog and learn what types of information they contain. You’ll discover records that won’t turn up in the regular search, but might be the missing piece to your genealogy puzzle. 
For more on’s German records, tune in to our webinar, Dig into’s German Records.