Danish Genealogy Resources

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Web Sites
• Danes in America

• Danish Atlas

• Danish Counties, 1662-1793

• Danish Demographic Database

• Danish Emigration Archives Database

• Danish Parishes by County

• Danish State Archives Parish Registers

• Directory of Cities and Towns in Denmark


• DIS-Danmark


• English-Danish Dictionary


• Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Regional Archives

• FamilySearch Denmark Research Outline

• FamilySearch Wiki: Denmark Portal


• Genealogy Research in Denmark


• Jewish Genealogical Society of Denmark

• Knowledge Bank of Denmark Genealogy

• Libraries on the Web: Denmark

• My Danish Roots


• Scandinavian Emigrant Ships

• Samfundet for Dansk Genealogi og Personalhistorie (Society for Danish Genealogy and Personal History)

• WHKMLA Historical Atlas of Denmark

Danes in North America, edited by Frederick Hale (University of Washington Press)
The Danish Americans by George R. Nielsen (Twayne)
Definitely Danish by Julie McDonald (Penfield Press): Recipes and Danish-American culture
Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Denmark by Frank Smith and Finn A. Thomsen (Stevenson’s Genealogical Center)

McKay’s Modern Danish-English English-Danish Dictionary by Johannes Magnussen, Otto Madsen and

Herman Vinterberg (David McKay Co.)
Post-og Telegraf Adressebog for Kongeriget Danmark (Danish Postal Guide) (Directorate General of Post

and Telegraph Service, on FHL microfilm 255804)

Tante Johanne: Letters of a Danish Immigrant Family, 1887-1910 by John W. Nielsen (Lur Publications)
Organizations and Archives

• Danish Immigrant Archive

 Dana College, 2848 College Drive, Blair, NE 68008, (402) 426-7910, <>

Danish Immigrant Museum Family History and Genealogy Center

4210 Main St., Box 249, Elk Horn, IA 51531, (712) 764-7008, <>

Danish-American Heritage Society

4105 Stone Brooke Road, Ames, IA 50010, (515) 232-7479 or (480) 816-8725, <>
Dansk Historisk Fællesforening (Danish Historical Society)
Rigsarkivet, Rigsdagsgaden 9, 1218 København K, Denmark 

Grand View College Danish Immigrant Archives

1351 Grandview Ave., Des Moines, IA 50310, (515) 263-6199, <>
Landsarkivet for Sjælland m.m. (Regional Archives for Bornholm, Frederiksborg, Holbæk, Maribo, København, København City, Præstø and Sorø)
Jagtvej 10, DK-2200 København N, Denmark

Landsarkivet for Fyn (Odense and Svendborg Regional Archives)

Jernbanegade 36, DK-5000 Odense, Denmark

Landsarkivet for Nørrejylland (Regional Archives for Ålborg, Århus, Hjørring, Randers, Ribe, Ringkøbing, Skanderborg, Thisted, Viborg and Vejle)

Ll. Sct. Hansgade 5, DK-8800 Viborg, Denmark

Landsarkivet in Åbenrå (Regional Archives for Åbenrå, Sønderborg, Haderslev and Tønder)

Haderslevvej 45, DK-6200 Åbenrå, Denmark

Hærens Arkiv (Military Archives)
Slotsholmgade 4, DK-1216 København K, Denmark


Københavns Stadsarkiv (Copenhagen City Archive)

Københavns Rådhus, 1599 København V, Denmark, <>
Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Library)
Christians Brygge 8, DK 1219 Copenhagen K, Denmark, <www.kb/index-en.htm>

Rigsarkivet (National Archives of Denmark) and Statens Arkiver (Danish State Archives)
Rigsdagsgården 9, DK-1218 København K, Denmark, <>