July 2009 Podcast

July 2009 Podcast

July 2009 Podcast Show Notes    Listen to this episode  Back to episode list In this episode: Editor’s Desk: Organize Your Genealogy Life News from the Blogosphere: Genealogy Wise Top Tips: Reverse Genealogy 101 Best Websites: DeadFred Library Spotlight: Daughters of the American Revolution Best of Family...

July 2009 Podcast Show Notes

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In this episode:

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

The Editor’s Desk with Allison Stacy

News from the Blogosphere with Genealogy Insider Diane Haddad

Genealogy Insider and managing editor Diane Haddad gives the scoop on Genealogy Wise, the new social networking Web site from FamilyLink. Plus, learn about the new name for Ancestry.com’s parent company (hint: it’s a no-brainer).
FamilyLink Launches “Facebook for Genealogists” 
FamilyHistoryLink to Shut Down Aug. 15 

Top Tips
You’re probably familiar with the basic rule of genealogical research that says to start with yourself and work backward. In this episode’s top tips segment, Family Tree Magazine contributing editor Maureen A. Taylor tells us how reversing that rule can deliver some great results.

Maureen’s article “Switching Gears,” which outlines five benefits to reverse genealogy with real-life examples, appears in the July issue. 

101 Best Web Sites

Lisa chats with Joe Bott of DeadFred, a site that strives to reunite orphaned old photos with family members of the people pictured.

Library Spotlight
The Daughters of the American Revolution library in Washington, DC, is chock-full of resources and records—but did you know it also offers some useful online genealogy tools? Learn how to take advantage of the site in Lisa’s interview with library director Eric Grundset.

Best of Family Tree Magazine

Ever wished you could walk in your forebears’ footsteps? Lisa talks with Family Tree Magazine contributing Nancy Hendrickson about unique ways to experience the lives of your ancestors, the subject of her article “Destination Yesterday” from the August 2005 issue.

Order the August 2005 Issue in digital or print format here.

Action Items

  • Pick one of the stragegies from Maureen A. Taylor’s article “Switching Gears” (July 2009) to use in your own research.
  • Get the August 2005 digital issue to take advantage of Nancy Hendrickson’s tips and resources for finding re-enactments, living history events and other ways to experience history firsthand.
  • Visit the DAR Web site to search the library catalog–and identify resources relevant to your research.

Have fun climbing your family tree!

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