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Delaware Research Guide Digital Download


Trace your Delaware ancestors with the advice and resources in our State Research Guide!

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You’ll love this if:


  • You’re getting started tracing your ancestors in Delaware
  • You want new ideas and resources to get past a Delaware brick wall
  • Your genealogy search is focused mainly on Delaware

Trace your Delaware ancestors with the advice and resources in our State Research Guide! This four-page download includes:

  • a how-to article detailing Delaware’s history and records, with helpful advice on tracking your family there
  • the best websites, books and other resources for Delaware research, handpicked by our editors and experts
  • listings of key libraries, archives and organizations that hold the records you need
  • timeline of key events in the state’s history
  • full-color map to put your research in geographical context

Here’s a sampling of the helpful tips you’ll get in the Delaware guide:

  • Settlers from New Netherland (what’s now New York) challenged the Swedes, capturing Fort Christina in 1655. Then the Dutch found themselves fending off England—which overtook Delaware for good in 1674.
  • Despite its ”first state“ status, Delaware’s federal census records don’t date back to the initial US head count. Fire destroyed the 1790 enumeration of Delaware.
  • With Delaware’s long legacy of power struggles, there’s a good chance your ancestors participated in—or witnessed—military action. The DHS holds military records from the Colonial era through World War I.

Plus, each guide contains active web links for one-click access to every recommended online resource. You can view this PDF on your computer and print pages for reference.

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