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Family Tree Magazine February 2005 Digital Edition


Now you can download this issue from The Family Tree Magazine.

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Now you can download this issue from The Family Tree Magazine.



Timeless Tips
They say the classics never go out of style. Return to the basics—and to your roots—with our ageless advice for finding your family. By Emily Anne Croom

Back to the Future
From the 1930 census sensation to the Internet boom (and bust), these 22 developments of the past five years have transformed your family search. By David A. Fryxell

Pictures of Success
Piece together your picture puzzles: These eight success stories illustrate how to identify the mystery faces in family photos. By Maureen A. Taylor

NEW! State Research Guides
Trace your ancestors across the USA! This issue’s special pullout section features how-to articles and resource sheets for Oregon and Delaware. Stash these guides in your research binder or tote them to the library—and quickly find the essential facts, advice and resources you need to trace your family tree anywhere in the country.

The Web’s Greatest Hits
Our readers sing the praises of these 25 digital destinations. Discover why they topped the charts in our best Web sites poll. By Nancy Hendrickson

Demystifying DNA
Is genetic genealogy an essential tool or a shoddy shortcut? Our layperson’s guide shows how the science works and what the tests can tell you about your family tree. By Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Big Breakthroughs
If they did it, so can you: Your fellow readers share how they’ve circumvented research dead ends.


Out on a Limb
Eighty thousand readers can’t be wrong. By Allison Stacy

Making Connections
Web wisdom and more reader feedback.

Branching Out
What’s new in discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history, including: • New museum honors American Indian heritage • Texas serves up digitized military records • Freedom Center meets Family History Center • The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Web site achieves a victory By Diane Haddad

Living History
Winter’s coolest history and heritage events, including: Replaying America’s pastime in Missouri … Waltzing through the Civil War era in Virginia … Serving up South Carolina’s culinary legacy. By Lauren Eisenstodt

Preserving Memories
The right type of archival advice, plus the latest tools for saving and sharing your past. By Anne Wilbur

The Toolkit
Family Tree Maker gets an extreme makeover—here’s what you need to know before you upgrade. Plus: •’s Family and Local Histories Collection reviewed • Family Tree for Dummies: A smart buy? • Booking it back to the old country. Edited by Lauren Eisenstodt

Now What?
Expert answers to your questions on conducting railroad research and sharing family databases.

Everything’s Relative
Your best tales from the lighter side of family history.

Time Capsule
The former editor-in-chief of comes to terms with her father’s minority political view. By Stephanie Stokes Oliver

BONUS SECTION! Five-Year Index
We’ve put all of Family Tree Magazine‘s expert advice at your fingertips! Find past articles in a flash with this complete clip-and-save guide.

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