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Digitizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet


At-a-glance tips, checklist, charts and resources for scanning, file organization and digital backup from the author of How to Archive Family Keepsakes.

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Whether you have a small collection of “analog” photos to scan or a mountain of memorabilia like me, you’ll find oodles of practical strategies and advice in this quick-reference guide to digital archiving. I particularly like the chart of scanner setting guidelines for different materials, and the file-naming cheat sheet.

Allison Dolan, Family Tree MagazinePublisher and Community Leader

You’ll love this if…


  • You want to preserve and share family keepsakes digitally
  • You’re seeking guidance for scanning family history photos and documents
  • You want advice on which scanning tools and settings are best for archival purposes
  • You want a quick-reference guide to key digitization techniques and strategies

Need help digitally preserving all the physical genealogy “stuff” you’ve accumulated-documents, photos, ephemera, family artifacts? You need the Digitizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet! Developed by Family Tree Magazineand Denise May Levenick as a companion to her book How to Archive Family Keepsakes, this Cheat Sheet is a quick-reference guide to solutions for your questions and conundrums about scanning, organizing and backing up files, and even whittling down your bulging paper piles.

This six-page PDF features:

  • hints for using a digital camera to copy genealogy documents
  • seven steps to break the paper habit
  • hard-drive backup checklist
  • data-storage quick guide comparing capacities, prices and uses for six types of storage media
  • scanner selection quick guide outlining the best uses for various scanning devices
  • 10 tips for using a flatbed scanner
  • scanning guidelines chart of scanner settings for different genealogy items, from photos to textiles
  • roundup of scanning resources
  • 12 strategies for naming files and organizing folders on your hard drive
  • file-naming cheat sheet
  • digitizing checklist

Use the at-a-glance strategies, tips and resources in the Digitizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet to jump-start your family history digitization projects!

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