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Family Tree Magazine December 2013 Digital Edition


Best Free Websites to Trace US Ancestors, Passenger Lists, Worldwide Genealogy Guide and More.

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History Matters: Typewriter


By David A. Fryxell

Read up on the origins of the computer’s ancestor.


75 State Genealogy Sites

By Rick Crume

Part of our signature best websites series, these 75 superb state-focused genealogy websites help find your ancestors across the country.


Team Up To Tackle Brick Walls

By Sunny Jane Morton and Lisa Louise Cooke

Grab a partner and gang up on your brick walls with help from top technology tools. Our five-step plan includes tips for:

  • Picking a partner
  • Developing a research strategy
  • Sharing research
  • And more


Workbook: Passenger Lists

By Lisa A. Alzo

This workbook will show you what’s in a passenger list, how to find one, and what other records include the information you seek. We’ll also provide a worksheet you can fill in to map out your passenger list search.


Trace Your Filipino Roots

By David A. Fryxell

Let our guide get you started discovering your roots in the Philippines. We help you with:

  • Surname surprises
  • Circumventing missing records
  • Searching church records
  • And more


10 Tips For Visiting Your Ancestral Homeland

By Lisa A. Alzo

Yearning to see where your ancestors lived? Or stand in the church where Great-grandpa was baptized? No matter how convenient it may be to research ancestors without leaving home, you probably still dream of visiting your family’s homeland. Our 10 strategies can help make your dreams a reality.


Genealogy Acronyms and Abbreviations Guide

By Diane Haddad

ACPL? NUCMC? RM? HUH? Find out what everyone’s talking about with our insider’s guide to genealogy acronyms and abbreviations.

Family Archivist: Holiday Heritagefest

By Sunny Jane Morton

Looking for ways to infuse your holiday gatherings with family history? Check out these inspiring ideas from Janet Hovorka, author of Zap the Grandma Gap: Connect with Your Family by Connecting Them to Your Family History.



Now What?

By David A. Fryxell

Our experts help you hurdle brick walls by answering reader questions.

In this edition, we teach you:

  • How to research relatives who died as children
  • How to locate Polish vital records
  • Where to find old Irish newspapers online

Document Detective: City Directories

By George G. Morgan

Uncover family history clues in city directories with the help of our document detective.


Resource Roundup: Translation Tools

By Lisa A. Alzo

You don’t have to get lost in translation when you find a document potentially full of clues about an ancestor, only to discover it’s written in an unfamiliar language. Free online tools and services put translation help right at your fingertips.


Quick Guide: Canvas Photo Printing Services

By Dana McCollough

Printing a family photo or family tree on canvas gives it a painted effect that looks great on the wall, and we’ve created this rundown of services for canvas printing.


Software Review: Storylava

By David A. Fryxell

Our experts weigh in on family history program Storylava, highlighting special features, potential drawbacks, ease of use and more.


Tutorial: Using NARA’s Online Public Access Search

By Rick Crume

Our step-by-step guide walks users through the National Archives and Records Administration’s new catalog that covers in a single search what previously took at least three separate searches.


European Getaway: 10 Strategies for Tracing Ancestors in Europe

By Lisa A. Alzo

Itching to trace your ancestors in the records of their European homelands? We’ll get you across the pond with these 10 tips, including how to:


  • Solve surname mismatches
  • Nail down geographical boundaries
  • Bypass language barriers
  • And more


Globe Trotting: Worldwide Research Tips

By David A. Fryxell

We revisited some of our most popular guides and plucked our favorite foreign research tips for your quick reference. From everything Aussie to those seemingly inscrutable Welsh names, this collection will give you a jump-start on finding your roots Over There, wherever There might be.

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