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Family Tree Magazine January/February 2018 Digital Edition


This month we’re exploring how to search old newspapers for information about your enslaved ancestors. We’re also digging into myths of family heraldry, and we’ve got tips for preserving heirloom jewelry!


What’s Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:


  • 3 Essential Newspaper Searches for Enslaved Ancestors
  • 9 Ways to Do Genealogy on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • 13 Tips to Save Grandma’s Jewelry


Migration Revelations

By Diahan Southard

Learn how AncestryDNA’s new Migrations tool can reveal research clues and help you put your ancestors in their place.

From Runaways to Reunions

By James M. Beidler and Timothy N. Pinnick

Search old newspapers for these three kinds of articles unique to your African-American ancestors.

Social Work

By Rachel Fountain

Sites like Facebook and Pinterest give you unprecedented access to people and ideas. Our social media expert helps you leverage that power of connection for your genealogy research.

Hark! the Heraldry

By Shannon Combs Bennett

Should you hang up your family coat of arms – or zip it up and show it off? We’ll untangle the myths of family heraldry and help you start discovering your armigerous ancestry.

Treasure-Hunting in the Archives

By Shelley K. Bishop

Learn how to dip up the genealogical treasures awaiting you in your ancestor’s state archives.


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