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Family Tree Magazine July/August 2016 Digital Edition


In this issue of Family Tree Magazine, you will learn new techniques, the difference between genealogical and genetic family trees, how to explore your South American heritage, and much more.


This issue of Family Tree Magazine features in-depth guides to tracking down your South American ancestors, the most cutting edge family history writing software programs on the market, and lesser-known “specialty” databases. Learn how our genealogy experts organize and reduce clutter in their paperwork, plus tips and tricks to preserving family quilts, streamlining your Facebook and reading antique sports newspapers.


You’ll love this if…

  • You are interested in organizing your genealogy research
  • You are looking to connect with your South American heritage
  • You need help managing your genealogy projects
  • You want to learn about local history

What’s Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:

  • 5 Questions with Heather Holmes
  • Timeline Tracking Genealogy Innovations over 1,000 Years
  • Space Travel and Your Ancestors
  • Genealogical vs. Genetic Family Trees
  • Keyword Searching on
  • How to Find Specific Collections on
  • Free Project Management Worksheets
  • Genealogy Software Reviews


The End of the Paper Trail
By Denise May Levenick
Cutting paper clutter will make you better organized and sharpen your genealogy focus. Get started with these 12 less-paper strategies.

Getting There From Here
By Drew Smith
Tackling a tough genealogy research problem requires an organized approach. We’ll help you determine your destination and map out your route to get there.

Ancestry Boutique
By Sunny Jane Morton and Harold Henderson
Look beyond the big collections on to these nine lesser-known “specialty” databases. They may name exactly the ancestors you’re looking for.

Home-Run Heritage
By Sunny Jane Morton
Score a big win for your family history by researching the sporting days of your athletic ancestors.

On the Right Track
By David A. Fryxell
A little determination and a champion’s attitude will help you go for genealogy gold as you track down your South American ancestors.



  • Out on a Limb: Cleaning the Closet
  • Genealogy Insider: Trend-Setting
  • History Matters: Taking Up Space
  • Family Archivist: Piecing the Past
  • Research Roadmap: Fire Insurance Maps
  • Workbook: Local Histories
  • At A Glance: Town History
  • Photo Detective: An Afternoon Outside
  • The Toolkit: Family History Writing Tools
  • Photo Finish: Good Sports

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