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Italian Genealogy Cheat Sheet


Use the Italian Genealogy Cheat Sheet quickly find key facts about your Italian genealogy.

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Researching Italian ancestors? You’ll want to keep this at-a-glance genealogy reference close at hand. The eight-page Italian Genealogy Cheat Sheet is designed to quickly deliver the information you need to understand the records of your Italian ancestors.


In this cheat sheet, you’ll get:

  • Italian geography guide with a map of Italy; names of Italian regions and their capitals; Italian words for administrative divisions and records offices; and how to find your Italian town of origin
  • Italian number chart showing both cardinal and ordinal numbers; Italian months of the year and days of the week; and tips for writing to Italian archives
  • language chart showing common terms, vital events and family relationships in Italian genealogical records; and tips for understanding Italian naming tradition
  • historical timeline detailing important genealogical events in Italian history
  • civil, church and military record details that list the record’s Italian name; a description of the record; and what the record contains
  • resource list of essential websites for Italian genealogy research

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