Jewish Genealogy Cheat Sheet


Trace your Jewish family history back to Europe, Africa, or the Middle East with this at-a-glance research guide to Jewish genealogy. The Jewish Genealogy Cheat Sheet compiles critical facts, tips and resources into a quick-reference format that will help you research more efficiently and effectively.


You’ll love this if:

  • You’re tracing Jewish ancestors who immigrated from Europe
  • You’ve taken a DNA test and discovered, for the first time, that you have Jewish ancestry
  • You want essential facts and resources for Jewish genealogy accessible at your fingertips

The Cheat Sheet contains:

  • a breakdown of the Jewish diaspora, with notes about how Jewish communities in different parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa developed
  • a timeline of Jewish history in Eastern Europe
  • an overview of the tools available at JewishGen, one of the most useful Jewish genealogy websites
  • sources for finding the name of your ancestor’s hometown, a critical piece of information
  • tips for tracking your ancestor’s hometown despite border changes and changing place names
  • a roundup of key Jewish genealogy records, such as ketubah marriage contracts and yizkor books
  • two key factors to consider when reviewing DNA results
  • guides to Jewish names, the Hebrew language, and the Jewish calendar
  • a listing of the best websites, books, archives and organizations to consult in Jewish research

The Jewish Genealogy Cheat Sheet comes in a portable PDF you can load up on your iPad, tablet or laptop for on-site research, as well as print out to keep on your desk or in your research binder for easy reference.

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