Family Tree Magazine May/June 2022 Digital Edition


Find your ancestors in the 1950 US census! This issue has a comprehensive guide to the new record set, with key background about the 1950 census, tips for finding your ancestors in it (even without an index!), and a list of questions. Also in this issue: an inside look at how DNA is used to solve crimes, a guide to records of the Freedmen’s Bureau, tips for evaluating the true of family stories, and more.

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What’s Inside!

Highlights from this issue include:

  • A complete 1950 US census guide, including lists of questions asked and a worksheet for recording entries
  • An inside look at how DNA test results are being used to solve crimes
  • Expert advice on where to store your family tree information: software or online trees?
  • Information on Freedmen’s Bureau records, a can’t-miss collection for Southern research
  • A FREE Land Records Cheat Sheet


The Great Comet of 1950

By Sunny Jane Morton

It’s the bee’s knees, daddy-O! The 1950 US census has arrived, bringing good genealogical tidings. Here’s what you’ll find in it.

Nothing But the Truth

By Richard Hite

Separate truth from fiction in family stories with the tips in these three case studies.

One Tree to Rule Them All

By Lisa Louise Cooke

Online trees are useful, but not an ideal place to store your research. Here’s the case for building one primary, offline “master” family tree that syncs with online trees as necessary.

Case Closed

By Rick Crume

Using DNA databases along with traditional genealogical research, investigators are identifying criminals in decades-old cases. Here’s how they do it—and what it means for test takers.

Let Freedom Ring

By Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy

Records of the influential Freedmen’s Bureau are more accessible now than ever before. Learn what you can uncover in them.



  • Research Guides: Arkansas and Michigan
  • Stories to Tell
  • Tech News
  • Lisa’s Picks
  • Source Spotlight: Directories
  • Website Tutorial: Finding Resources with ArchiveGrid
  • Resource Roundup: Vital Records Resources
  • Photo Detective
  • Family History Home: Saving Books and Magazines
  • Now What
  • DNA Q&A: Testing Children
  • Your Turn: US Census Checklist

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