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Organizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet


Get organized with this quick-guide download. This cheat sheet features tips and strategies for how to organize your genealogy life, including how to organize notes and files, plus how to use genealogy software and organization tools.


With all the forms, checklists, records, family tree documents, and resources you use and find during research, organizing your genealogy can be difficult. This handy eight-page cheat sheet will give you the tools you need to organize it all, with organizing tips and strategies for all aspects of your research (including how to organize paper and computer files). In this PDF download, you’ll find:


  • Basic organization tips and principles to get you started
  • A sample genealogy workspace setup, plus a checklist of items you may need as you create your home office
  • Suggestions for how to select genealogy goals that will set you up for research success, plus a step-by-step guide for creating a research workflow that will help you fulfill those genealogical goals
  • Sample file-naming techniques and a typable naming convention worksheet to help you organize your files
  • A list of organizing tools like software programs and apps that can help you get organized

Once you download the Organizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet, you’ll need a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Reader software, to open it. Adobe Reader is available for both Macs and Windows computers.

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