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7 Family History Projects for Kids E-book: Get your children and grandchildren interested in genealogy and ancestry


These family history projects share your family stories and love of genealogy with children and grandchildren. We offer tips and websites for projects such as making a family heritage pie chart from a family tree or DNA test; interviewing a relative; and exploring ancestors’ old-fashioned chores, crafts and games.


Would you like to share your family history and your love of genealogy with your children or grandchildren? These seven family history projects for kids will engage the next generation in the story of your ancestry. We offer tips, websites and other resources for projects including:


  • Find and use objects and artifacts related to your ancestors.
  • Tour a family cemetery.
  • Interview a relative about his or her life and family history.
  • Make a family heritage pie chart using a pedigree chart or DNA test ethnicity/ancestral origins results.
  • Explore the technology your ancestors used.
  • Practice writing like your ancestors did.
  • Participate in old-fashioned chores, crafts and games.

This guide to family history activities for kids is perfect for:

  • Parents and grandparents who want to share family stories and genealogy with kids and grandkids
  • Educators looking for hands-on lessons to teach history and genealogy to students
  • Family reunion planners who want family history-related activities for young people
  • Genealogists interested in exploring their ancestors’ daily lives

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