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Product Description

Genealogy records come in all shapes and sizes, and even seasoned genealogists might not know how to effectively use all the resources they find. This eBook is designed to help you extract the best and most important information from a variety of genealogy records, from birth certificates to state censuses to land patents. Each of the 20-plus guides in this eBook (which originally appeared in the Document Detective column of Family Tree Magazine) discuss a genealogy record in detail, with a sample image that features callouts to help you know where facts appear on a document.

Who Should Get This eBook

You’ll love the Document Detective eBook if…

  • You want to learn more about the records you’ve found in your research
  • Your research has ground to a halt and you need to find new record sources
  • You’re new to genealogy and want to know what kinds of records are available

What’s Inside

The Document Detective eBook features:

  • Tips for finding and decrypting more than 20 kinds of genealogy records
  • Annotated sample records to show you how to find information in genealogy resources
  • Brief summaries of types of records, including how and why the records were created, what they recorded and how they can help your research

Excerpt: Sample Tips

Here are some tips you’ll find in the Document Detective eBook:

  1. View the original record. When possible, request copies of original documents, as those who create record transcriptions (whether human or computer) can make mistakes and throw off your research.
  2. Use records in conjunction with each other. The details you find in one kind of record may open research doors to other kinds of records, such as a WWI draft registration card that lists a spouse’s name and leads you to a marriage certificate, which could in turn gives you information about the bride’s and groom’s parents that you need to find birth records.
  3. Read records carefully. Make sure you read all the information contained in a record, as each detail (now matter how minor) can clue you into a different aspect of your ancestor’s life.

Contents of the Document Detective eBook:

Part 1: Vital Records

  • Delayed Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Death Certificates
  • Funeral Records

Part 2: Military Records

  • Civil War Muster Cards
  • WWI Registration Cards
  • WWII Draft Registration Cards

Part 3: Government Records

  • State Censuses
  • 1900 US Census
  • US Census Mortality Schedules
  • Voter Registration Records
  • City Directories
  • 1921 Canada Census

Part 4: Immigration and Travel Records

  • Passenger Arrival Lists
  • Declarations of Intention
  • Petitions for Naturalization
  • Alien Registration Forms
  • US Passport Applications

Part 5: Other Records

  • Guardianship Records
  • Land Patents
  • Coroner Reports
  • Last Will and Testament
  • English Parish Records

The Document Detective eBook comes in PDF format and can be printed out or viewed on your tablet, laptop or desktop computer for easy reference while working with your family memories.Portions of this eBook were originally published in Family Tree Magazine.

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