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Today more than 17 million Americans can claim Italian ancestry. If you’re ready to get to the roots of your Italian family search, then this four-week course is for you. We’ll explore how to conduct research and find records in North America, Italy, and on the best websites for Italian genealogy.

From the years 1880 to 1920, more than 4 million Italians immigrated to the US, where they set up ethnic enclaves from New York to Chicago. Today, more than 17 million Americans can claim Italian ancestry. If you’re one of those individuals and are ready to reach down into your Italian roots, then Find Your Italian Ancestors is the course for you. Learn how to trace your Italian ancestors through the political and social events that affected their lives, to finding the records that will help you trace them from North America to the old country, and overcome research obstacles to keep your genealogy research on track!

We’ll explore how to conduct research and find records in North America, Italy, and on the best websites for Italian genealogy.

DATE:  August 15, 2022 to September 11, 2022

What You’ll Learn:

  • How historical events and the political structure affect record keeping
  • How to understand key Italian genealogy terms
  • How to find your Italian place of origin
  • What Italian records you can find and how to obtain them
  • Where to look for records in Italy and what sort of documents you can find
  • How to overcome common problems and brick walls in Italian genealogy

“It was a very interesting course. I learned a lot about all the different levels of record keeping from village to province to state and parish to diocese to Rome. The most helpful was the list of all the websites here in the States and over in Italy.” – K.S.

About the Instructor

Melanie D. Holtz is a Certified Genealogist with experience specializing in 18th-20th century Italian genealogical research. She has focused primarily on Italian research for the past several years and is skilled in finding those hard-to-find US immigration records and Italian towns of origin. She’s presented webinars and videos for Family Tree University, and written for Family Tree Magazine. She guides clients through their dual citizenship process, translates Italian documents and compiles family history books. She works in the records of all regions of Italy, as well as formerly Italian areas like Corsica.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Historical Background and How Political Structure Affected Record Keeping

  • Italian Genealogy Crash Course – 60-minute recorded webinar video
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Historical Background
  • Political Structure That Affected Record Keeping
    • Comune/Cittá – Town/City
    • Provincia – Province
    • Regione – Region
    • Parrocchia – Parish
    • Diocese – Diocese
  • Locating the Italian Place of Origin – Why It’s Important
  • Using Maps, Atlases and Gazetteers
  • Online Resources
  • Ports of Embarkation

Lesson 2: Italian Genealogical Records

  • Available Record Types
  • Civil Registration
    • When did Civil Registration Begin?
    • Italian Archival Designations
    • Italian Privacy Restrictions
    • Useful Civil Records
    • Conflict Between Church and State and how it Affected Record-keeping.
  • Parish and Diocesan Records
    • When did They Begin?
    • Useful Ecclesiastical Records
    • What Can Be Found in the Parish Archives
    • What Can Be Found in the Diocesan Archives
  • Military and Other Useful Records

Lesson 3: Researching in North America and Italy – Archives and Resources

  • Researching in North America
    • Why Begin the Research in the Country of Residence?
    • Networking and Collaborating with Other Researchers
    • Useful Family Artifacts
  • What Italian Records Can Be Accessed Here?
    • FamilySearch International
    • FamilySearch’s Agreement with the Italian Government – What does this mean for you?
    • Online Indexes or Databases
    • Use of Annual or Decennial Indexes
  • Researching in Italy
    • Where are the Records Located?
    • Antenati Gli Archivi per la Ricerca Anagrafica – Website of Main Italian Archives
    • Contacting Italian archives and repositories
  • Languages
  • Researching Onsite
  • 30-minute Video: Best Websites for Italian Genealogy

Lesson 4: Overcoming Research Obstacles

  • Common problems and pitfalls
    • Record Loss/Destruction
    • Provincial Boundary Changes
    • Handwriting and/or Abbreviations
  • Collateral research and cluster genealogy
  • Evidentiary Strength in Italian Genealogical Documents
  • Citation Basics for Italian Genealogical Documents

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