Genealogy File Folder Cover Sheet Templates



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Product Description

You’ll love this if…

  • You organize your genealogy files by surname or by couple
  • You struggle to find specific items within your genealogy paper files
  • You want a way to quickly identify what’s in your genealogy file folders

Need to know where you stashed Great-grandpa’s property deed-fast? Don’t waste time wading through every paper in a folder bulging full of papers. Use these Genealogy File Folder Cover Sheet Templates to list out the contents of your genealogy files, and assign each item a document number.By including this list on the front of a folder or binder divider, you can find items more quickly and avoid accidentally bloating your files with duplicates.

What’s Included

Your download includes two PDF cover sheet templates for the most common genealogy filing methods:

  • Filing by surname and record type
  • Filing by couple or family group

Each PDF template is is enhanced so you can type directly in the file and save your work. When you add materials to your folder, simply print out an updated sheet and attach. Or fill in the cover sheet by hand as you go-whatever method works best for you.

System Requirements

Genealogy File Folder Cover Sheet Templates are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The templates are PDF files viewable with the free Adobe Reader software. Saving typed information within the forms requires Adobe Reader X or a newer version.

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