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Product Description

You’ll love this e-book if:

  • You want to locate various records on a specific relative
  • You’re stuck in your genealogical research and need to find new pathways to tracking down ancestors
  • You want to learn how to learn how to get the most out of family records

Are you trying to track down an ancestor but at a loss of where to look? Scratching your head when you look at census records, draft lists, or other documents? Become a master at researching and analyzing your ancestors’ historical documents. The Genealogy Records Workbook contains tips for getting the most out of census records, birth records, probate records, pension records, naturalization records, passenger lists and more. No matter the type of document, you will find the answers to locating and understanding it with this handy e-book.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Printable worksheets for each record to keep your research organized
  • Images of documents with easy-to-follow guides
  • Helpful tips to searching for each type of record
  • Strategies for using one document to help track down another, expanding your research
  • Links to websites and publications to further your research


  • The US Census: Learn how and where to find your ancestors in federal censuses, plus what questions were asked.
  • Special Censuses: Explore what “special censuses” your ancestors may be lurking in, such as mortality and agricultural schedules.
  • Birth Records: Discover your ancestors in their earliest records.
  • Marriage Records: Learn about your ancestors and their “big day” with this guide to marriage certificates and licenses.
  • Death Records: Locate records of your ancestor’s death.
  • Obituaries: Understand the different types of obituaries and where to access them via print and digital sources.
  • Newspapers: Read all about your ancestors with this guide to finding and using historical newspapers.
  • Church Records: Dive into your ancestors’ past with this guide to religious records, including parish registers and sacramental records.
  • Cemetery Records: Unearth information about your ancestors with headstones, burial registers and more.
  • Probate Records: Discover how a will can be a source for tracking down multiple relatives at once.
  • Draft Records: Locate your ancestors in military registration records between 1862 and 1945.
  • Military Service Records: Follow your ancestors into battle with records of his (or her) time in the armed forces.
  • Pension Records: Learn where to look online to find records of your military ancestors and their families, plus how the records varied by conflict.
  • Land Records: Dig deeper into land patents, grants, deeds and plat maps.
  • Tax Records: Track down ancestors’ tax records and learn their economic situations over time.
  • Institutional Records: Discover ancestors who lived in old folks’ homes, prisons, state hospitals, asylums and more.
  • Local Histories: Step back into time with published histories of your ancestor’s town and county.
  • Directories: Learn how to find city directories, house directories, business directories and more.
  • Naturalization Records: Track down immigrant ancestors with documents created by their quests for citizenship.
  • Passenger Lists: Journey across the ocean with your ancestors using US passenger lists.

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