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Early in my research, I found myself frequently wondering: Have I already looked up that Railey census record? Did I check for Hauck birth records? I needed a way to track the tasks I’d already done, and what I still needed to do. If you’re in the same boat, use these templates as a starting point. They include several formats that you can customize to your needs.

Allison Dolan, Family Tree MagazinePublisher and Community Leader

You’ll love this if…

  • You’ve ever requested or looked up a record only to discover you’ve already found it
  • You find it difficult to keep track of all your genealogy tasks
  • You want to start a research log or make yours over to be more efficient
  • You don’t want to miss the important clues gleaned from analyzing your work

It’s tough to juggle all the details of your genealogy research: When did I send that vital record request? Did I already look up that census page? But if you keep a detailed log of your work, you’ll always have those answers at your fingertips – saving you time, effort and even money.Genealogy Research Log Templates to the rescue! If you aren’t already logging your research, these templates make it easy to get started. If you do have a research log, use the templates to enhance its format for maximum research efficiency.The templates come as spreadsheets you can easily customize for the way you work: Add, subtract or rearrange columns; color-code columns or rows; and sort your entries to analyze what you’ve done – and what goes on your to-do list. You also can upload the templates to Google Drive for managing your research log online, so you can access it anywhere you do genealogy.Snag these templates and start logging your family history work, so you can spend more time on the fun part of genealogy: chasing new discoveries.

What’s Included

To accommodate different working styles and types of research projects, this product includes four templates:

  • General Research Log: an all-in-one solution for your genealogy research
  • Ancestor Research Log: a tool for tracking all your research about a single ancestor, if/when putting all your work on one log feels too unwieldy, or you like to keep information about each person separate
  • Repository Research Log: ideal for logging your work at a particularly library, archive, cemetery or other repository, so you can track what you’ve done and what you still need to do there
  • Record Set Research Log: document your research in a specific group of records, such as the 1900 federal census returns for one locality, vital registers from an ancestral parish, or a cemetery transcription project

System Requirements

Genealogy Research Log Templatescan be used on both Windows and Mac. The templates are spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel (XLS) format. XLS files are compatible with the following software:

  • Microsoft Excel version 97 or later
  • Google Drive spreadsheets
  • Any program that reads Excel files (such as Open Office)

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