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Product Description

This decorative poster celebrates every relative’s unique mark on your family tree: Family members add their thumbprints to the tree to form the leaves. It’s a great keepsake for family reunions, weddings, baby showers and other family gatherings. Just customize your tree with the colored inks of your choice.

Allison Dolan, Family Tree MagazinePublisher and Community Leader

You’ll Love This If:

  • You’re looking for a charming way to preserve family memories
  • You want a physical memory from your family gathering
  • You like the idea of a group contributing their thumbprints to a keepsake

Create the ideal heirloom, preserving the memories of your family gathering with this Thumbprint Keepsake Chart, from the designers at Family Tree Magazine. Attendees coat their thumb in ink, then press it onto one of the tree’s branches, forever linking their genetic imprint to that moment in time. Mount on a bulletin board at a family reunion or set up a table at a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other group gathering.This Thumbprint Keepsake Chart features:

  • Two sizes of thumbprint poster, 8×10 and 16×20
  • Three different tree designs: gnarled tree, ancient tree with heart and and sturdy oak tree
  • Each tree design can be labeled with a family name, an event description, or the date the event took place

Hints for Using Your Thumbprint Keepsake Chart:

  • Either under or on top of each thumbprint, write the name of the individual the print belongs to so that you have a record of everyone who contributed their print to the tree
  • Use a few different colored ink pads to add some cheer and exuberance to the tree chart
  • Frame your completed Thumbprint Keepsake Chart and hang it as a memento in your living room, kitchen or bedroom

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