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Thank you for your interest in using content from Family Tree Magazine publications and products.

Please Note

  • We do not allow verbatim reprinting or reproduction of any articles or content (print, audio, photo, or video) without permission and attribution.
  • When permission is requested, we do allow reuse of Family Tree Magazine content under most circumstances, as follows:

For Use in Print

If you would like to use content on a limited basis, please note in your request

  • the specific article or item by title and source (the Family Tree Magazine publication title, date, and page or URL)
  • your publication’s title
  • your publication date/duration
  • the context of use (describe the nature of the content in your publication)
  • the circulation of your publication (frequency and number of copies distributed)

In some cases, we charge a fee for usage.

If permission is granted, the material must be attributed to Family Tree Magazine and the direct source (e.g., Family Tree Magazine etc.) from which the information is pulled; for example:

From Family Tree Magazine Volume 2, and used with permission of Family Tree Magazine,

To use Family Tree Magazine content in print, please email with details as described above.

For Use in Books

Please send details of the project (publisher, publication date, book genre and summary, specific Family Tree Magazine content to be used, context of use, readership, print run, and other relevant details), on letterhead (if possible) via regular mail, to Publisher, Family Tree Magazine, P.O. Box 520, Dublin, NH 03444.

To Interview an Editor

Please contact to schedule a time. (FYI, we are often available on very short notice!)

For Use Online

To use Family Tree Magazine articles in electronic formats, please contact us at Please specify the following:

  1. The specific content you’d like to use.
  2. For content, copy and past the URL from our Web site, followed by the specific text excerpt.
  3. How/where you intend to use the comment. For print, include circulation/quantity and duration; for TV, include geography; for Web sites, include duration; for other use, include relevant detail.
  4. If you wish to use our content on a Web site, include the URL to your home page and the URL to the exact page where the link will reside.

You will be notified when permission is granted.

Note: This procedure applies to requests for all types and sizes of material, including just portions of Family Tree articles, quotes, or excerpts. The context of the material you use as well as the contextual use of the material, the number of citations you want to make, and the length of the quote/excerpt are important.

Using Content on YOUR Web Site

We do not share the proprietary tools programmed on our web site. For approval to use general article content, please contact us with your request at

As you form your request, please note: We prefer that, instead of taking the entire content, you limit our text to 200 characters or one paragraph on your site, instead of entire content, while providing a link to the specific article page on for your visitors to read more with a line of credit, i.e., “Visit to read more.”

Linking TO

We appreciate that you enjoy our content and want to link viewers to our page. We do ask that, instead of linking to our home page, you link to a specific page of ours that is appropriate to the content of your web site.

Permission is not required to create direct links to, but clear attribution is required in the link back; for example:

From Family Tree Magazine,


The URL that is visible in the location bar when viewing an article on our Web site is the URL that should be used for the link.

Linking to YOUR Web site

Our policy is to limit the number of Web sites to which we link. It will depend on whether the content interests our readers as well as whether your site pages are well ranked to reflect online interest. To request a linkback from our site to yours, please contact us at We review all requests. If approved, we’ll add your link to the relevant page on our site, and let you know.

Framed Links

Framed links to our Web site are not permissible. (Content viewed through “framed links” appears to be original to your Web site and not covered by copyright.) A link is only acceptable if pages open within a separate window and only the page URL appears in the location bar.

Thank you in advance for complying with Family Tree Magazine’s Terms of Use.