Nevada Historic Sites

By James M. Beidler Premium

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Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Highway Contract 61, Box 61200
Austin, NV 89310
(775) 964-2440

Fossils of the huge marine reptiles known as ichthyosaurs, which swam in the ocean covering Nevada 225 million years ago, abound in this park. Visitors also can see 13 preserved buildings in the ghost town of Berlin.

• Liberace Foundation and Museum

1775 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 798-5595

You’d expect nothing less than flashiness from a tribute to Mr. Showmanship, and this museum delivers — with costumes from the late entertainer’s million-dollar wardrobe, a rare piano collection and a Rolls Royce covered with mirrored tiles.

• Lost City Museum of Archeology

721 S. Moapa Valley Blvd. Box 807
Overton, NV 89040
(702) 397-2193

View artifacts of the Anasazi Indians, along with reconstructed Pueblo-type houses on their original foundations.

• Mormon Station State Historic Park

Foothill Road
Genoa, NV 89411
(775) 782-2590

A restored log stockade and replica trading post let you envision the experiences of California-bound pioneers, who used the original post as a stopover point beginning in 1851.

• Nevada State Museum

600 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701

See varied exhibits — from a gun collection to a replica ghost town to one of North America’s largest mammoths — in the former US Mint branch that issued Carson City silver dollars in the late 1800s.

• Nevada State Railroad Museum

2180 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 687-6953

Seven restored steam engines highlight this collection, which focuses on the railroad that served the gold-and silver-rich Comstock Lode. The museum also offers weekend train rides part of the year.

• Piper’s Opera House

12 N. B St.
Virginia City, NV 89440
(775) 847-0433

<>: Nevada’s silver barons frequented this 1880s opera house to be entertained by traveling players, and the stage is still set to that era: Take in the original 19th-century scenery, posters, playbills, photos, and the unique auditorium floor — it’s built on ore-car springs.

Visitor Information

• Nevada Commission on Toursim

401 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV
89701 (800) 638-2328


From the January 2008 Family Tree Magazine.