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Welcome To Family Tree.

Your next great discovery awaits.

Nearly 20 years ago, when the modern genealogy boom first began, records, resources, knowledge and even technology were limited. Today, DNA testing is affordable to the masses, information is accessible at the click of a mouse, and traveling to dive into records can be done via armchair. The road to family lineage discovery has more pathways than ever before.

And just as every journey is as unique as every individual’s genetic makeup, we know there is no single or right solution to map your family lineage

This is where Family Tree comes in.

Whether you are a budding family historian or an advanced researcher, we built Family Tree as a home for expert advice you can trust, a hub for discovery, and a resource destination that empowers.

We created Family Tree because we believe every birth should be celebrated, every death remembered, and every milestone honored. We know there is a story in each one of us, and a legend in every lineage. With thousands of resources, Family Tree empowers every historian and gives us all a place to belong.

  • Our educational content extends beyond genealogy research to include ethnic heritage, family reunions, memoirs, oral history, archival preservation, historical travel and other ways that families connect with their pasts. We bring this rich depth of expertise to you through our bimonthly magazines, monthly podcasts, weekly newsletter, blogs, online video tutorials and more. (hyperlink to various assets)
  • Our university teaches research methods for genetic genealogy, organizational tools and techniques, and various ethnicities. Designed for every type of learner: instructor-led courses, live webinars, and even virtual genealogy conferences. (hyperlink to Univ)
  • Our shop is one-stop destination for a variety of products to fuel your efforts, including books, downloadable guides, quick-reference tools, webinars, educational courses and software.  (Hyperlink to Store)

Our mission is to empower every historian and fuel every discovery.

We have a code we live by

Make genealogy easy.
Make information accessible.
Make the journey enjoyable.
Give history a whole new perspective.
Put knowledge to work.
Bring legends to life.

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  • Over a half million downloads of 100+ podcast episodes and counting.
  • 300+ educational videos produced

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