Land Records

Your ancestors had a place they called home. In fact, they might have had several over the course of their lifetime. What was known as home to your ancestors—acres of sprawling land, a rustic bungalow in the countryside—likely came with a long paper trail of property taxes and other records that can reveal a lot about them and where they lived. Here are some resources to help you track down these records and analyze them for genealogical information.


Land Records Genealogy Cheat Sheet

Use this sheet to track your ancestors' migration patterns, track down where they might have settled, zero in on specific names and more. Also get practical tips for finding and analyzing ancestors' deeds, property tax records, land patents, plat maps and other important documents.


Land Record Types and Terms

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Maps for Genealogy Research

It isn’t always possible to walk the roads that your ancestors walked and explore the neighbors they called home. Fortunately, well-designed maps can help you pinpoint where your ancestors settled and what their hometown might have looked like. Here are some resources for finding maps so that you can more easily navigate your research.

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