101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2023

It’s been a royal few years, from Netflix’s dramatic series “The Crown” to Prince Harry’s tell-all Spare to King Charles III’s coronation. Given Americans’ fixation on British royalty, it’s almost as though we colonials would rather just forget all that unpleasantness back in 1776.

Fittingly, then, this year’s annual celebration of the 101 best genealogy websites presents the “crown jewels” of online family history. We’ve hand-picked the sites whose offerings are fit for a king—and those virtually guaranteed to help resolve the royal pains in your ancestral research. If your pedigree isn’t quite as well-preserved as that of the Prince of Wales, these digital destinations can help separate true blood relatives from pretenders.

This year’s honorees, by default, are largely free to use, unless noted otherwise with a dollar sign ($). Those premium sites require a subscription or other payment to really get the most value from their content. As usual, we’ve marked sites that were not in last year’s list with an asterisk (*). These 18 new discoveries (or honorees returning after an absence) are worthy of royal recognition. And we’ve spun off a separate list for US statespecific websites; find the list of best state websites here.

Ready to explore the 101 sites crowned this year’s best? We begin, of course, with the winning websites for researching ancestors from the British Isles.

Download this year’s 101 Best Websites as a free PDF.