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Since its first issue in 2000, Family Tree Magazine has been providing valuable research tips to people looking to unearth important information about their ancestors.  Published six times per year, the magazine offers everything from helpful how-to articles written by genealogy experts to detailed U.S. genealogy guides highlighting specific states. Readers can learn how to preserve beautiful but delicate family heirlooms, write gripping stories about relatives, create their own blossoming family tree and so much more. Every family carries decades’ worth of memories that could be forgotten with time. Family Tree Magazine gives you the resources you need to retrieve them and keep them alive for generations to come.

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Thorough genealogy research takes time. Fortunately, you can find the tools you need without having to step away from your work; offers countless genealogy resources in one convenient place. We proudly publish detailed articles written by experienced genealogists who understand both the joys and struggles that come with exploring your family history. Find both articles adapted from print issues of Family Tree Magazine and exclusive web content. If you want to focus on one specific topic, explore our pages packed with tools and resources on everything from vital records and photo-preservation to family recipes and family reunions. Take a trip across the globe with our country-specific heritage pages or hop a couple of states over with our digitized U.S. state guides. Finally, we offer many handy free downloadable worksheets, checklists and ebooks that can guide you no matter where you are in your research process.

Our Podcasts

Sometimes we can all use a break from reading. Enter our two engaging and informative podcasts: the Family Tree Magazine Podcast and The Best Websites Podcast, both hosted by the incredible genealogist and writer Lisa Louise Cooke.

Tune in at the start of each month to the Family Tree Magazine Podcast to hear interviews with genealogy experts and Family Tree Magazine editors about priceless research tips and strategies, underrated resources and tools, and the latest news about the world of the genealogy. Every episode includes a genealogy news update from New Media Editor Rachel Christian, a feature interview on a timely topic from a Family Tree Magazine author, the “Family History Home” segment that focuses specifically on family history projects, and an exclusive interview with a Family Tree Magazine editor who shares updates and announcements about the magazine, website, or Family Tree University.

Later in the month, listen to the Best Websites Podcast, which highlights websites and digital tools that can improve your research strategies, streamline your processes, or deepen your appreciation for your family history. Interviews are often with website founders or employees, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how each website or tool works.

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Get our latest updates sent right to your inbox! Through Family Tree Magazine‘s email newsletters, you can catch up on the latest news in genealogy, read about research strategies from genealogy experts, discover new Family Tree Magazine content, enjoy exclusive offers and so much more. Best of all, you get to customize the content you receive and change your preferences. Hear from us as much or as little as you’d like, whether that’s weekly or daily.

Our University

Learning is an ongoing process for genealogists of all experience levels. Family Tree University offers online courses and live webinars to help foster your love for learning and unraveling your family’s history. Find expert-led courses on a range of different genealogy topics, ranging from researching your ancestors to writing your family history. Work at your own pace, discuss your progress with fellow students, and ask your instructor questions as you engage with the material and discover new information about your ancestors. Even after the course concludes, you can enjoy access to the materials for a whole year. Similarly, live webinars conclude with a Q&A session with the expert presenter, and attendees receive a recording of the presentation.