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Organized home office.
Organizing Your Genealogy Workspace Like the Pros
The right setup and tools for the way you work can make the difference between jumping right into a research session and spending 20 minutes getting ready to begin. Discover tips, tricks and new ideas to help you make your workspace and your workflow more, well, workable.
Live Webinar: Online Tools to Connect with Cousins
Second, third, fourth and beyond cousins, who may be a generation or more “removed” from you, are a huge asset to your family history search. They may have new family information and photos that weren’t passed down through your line. They might be able to shed light on your research brick walls or lend a DNA sample. In this webinar, learn about some collaboration tools to make the most of your cousin network.
Online Tools to Connect with Cousins webinar image
Old photo of people sick with influenza.
How the 1918 Flu Pandemic Affected Your Ancestor (Plus a Guide to Major US Epidemics)
The 1918 flu changed thousands of American’s lives. Here’s how to study the effects of the 1918 pandemic and other major outbreaks on your family’s history.
Honor Your Veteran Ancestors!
This Veterans Day, we are celebrating our brave ancestors who served in the military. Our Genealogist’s Military Records Field Manual eBook contains great strategies for finding your veteran ancestors, including how to research Civil War ancestors, find military service records and interpret draft registration cards. Enjoy 30% off with code VETERANS at checkout!
Military records ebook
Polish dancers.
Premium: 5 Steps for Starting Your Polish Research
Nine million Americans claim Polish heritage, making Polish the eighth-largest ancestry in the United States. Polish immigrants brought with them a vibrant culture, including recipes for signature dishes, ornamental folk dress and dances. This five step guide will start you on the right track to discovering your Polish roots.
Free Ancestor Immigration Forms for Genealogy
Free Downloadable Immigration Forms and Worksheets
Record your ancestor’s passenger information on these free forms, corresponding to the year he or she immigrated to America.
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