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Learn how to break down your brick walls!

Common surnames, missing ancestors and confusing DNA results, oh my! Genealogists have no shortage of research challenges to conquer.

This eBook will guide you through some of the most common genealogy problems, from ancestors missing in a census record to confusing Eastern European borders. Each article provides practical tips and strategies for overcoming research woes and developing better, more efficient searches.
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This eBook features guides to finding and using the most essential genealogy records!
You’ll love the Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Records eBook if…
  • You’ve just begun your ancestry search and need pointers on where to start looking
  • You want to pull more information from genealogy records you’ve found
  • You want to make the most of your research time
Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Records - 10% off! Use Code: DOWNLOADS
Use code DOWNLOADS for 10% off the Ultimate Guide to Genealogy Records!
There are plenty of other excellent Genealogy Downloads and eBooks from Family Tree Magazine for you to explore!

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