The Best of Discover Your Roots

The Best of Discover Your Roots

The Best of Discover Your Roots free eBook from FamilyTreeMagazine.comDiscover Your Roots is an annual guide to getting started in genealogy research, with articles written by seasoned genealogists sharing how to best research your ancestors, make the use of online resources, tips for organizing your research and more. Family Tree University has pulled the most popular articles from the last few years of Discover Your Roots and put them into this eBook, The Best of Discover Your Roots. This free eBook contains all of the best secrets from Discover Your Roots, with something to help any genealogist in their family tree research.


What’s inside my free copy of The Best of Discover Your Roots?

Download The Best of Discover Your Roots for articles about how to read a family bible and use it in genealogy research, how to access microfilmed genealogical records, and many ideas and tips on organizing your family tree research with genealogy software or apps like Evernote. Learn from the pros by reading our Quick Guide, with insider tricks to finding ancestors on

Take a look at what’s inside!

Bible Study – Discover the genealogical blessings of family Bibles in 8 simple steps.

Made to Order – Access millions of microfilmed genealogical records in 8 steps. Quick Guide – Use these insider tricks from the pros to find your ancestors on, the top website for genealogy research.

Tree-mendous! – These 4 steps will help you nurture a healthy family tree online or in your genealogy software.

Warming Up A Cold Case – Build a case file on your hardest-to-find ancestors and crack those brick wall mysteries with these 14 strategies.

A Good Clip – Learn how to use the new Evernote app and software to easily clip and save your online research finds.

FamilySearch Feast – Learn how to find the best hidden free genealogy records on Even the ancestry records you can’t search by name!