Genealogy Forms for School Projects and Research

By Courtney Henderson

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Get your parents’ permission to download these blank PDF charts and worksheets for recording genealogy information you learn during your family history investigation or school project:


  • 5-Generation Ancestor Chart: This chart is for recording names, birth dates, birthplaces, marriage dates, marriage places, death dates, and death places of your grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on. (For the women, use their names before they were married.)
  • Family Group Sheet: Create one of these sheets for each family that’s in your tree, and write down the names and birth dates of the parents and kids.
  • Stepfamily Tree: This a chart is designed for recording information about your stepmother’s or stepfather’s family branches, in addition to your ancestors through your biological parents.
  • Adoptive Family Tree: If you’re adopted, you can use this form to record information about both your adoptive and biological families.
  • Biographical Outline: This form lets you make a timeline of a relative’s (or your own!) life. Write the person’s name at the top of this form. In the columns, you can write about the person’s schooling, jobs, move to a new house, military service, and anything else you can think of. Be sure to fill in the date each event happened, the person’s age at the time, and the source (such as a documents or the name of a book) where you found the information.
  • Cemetery Transcription Form: Planning to go with Mom or Dad to the cemetery where a relative is buried? Use this form to write down where the grave is and what the gravestone says.
  • Artifacts and Heirlooms Form: Your parents may have some family treasures, such as Great-Grandma’s silver or Grandpa’s train set. On this sheet, you can describe those heirlooms and write down everything your parents and grandparents know about them. That way, you can make sure no one ever forgets where those special items came from!
  • Tradition Recording Form: If your family does something special for holidays or birthdays—such as always make a certain kind of cake—this form is the place to write about that tradition.