101 Best Websites for 2011

By David A. Fryxell Premium

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We admit it—we’re spoiled. Gone are the days when we were impressed by bare-bones lists of links. Even databases of transcribed records fail to thrill us as they used to. Genealogy websites have been around long enough now that we expect the same technological sophistication—and maybe a little razzle-dazzle—we experience every day elsewhere on the web. 

Happily, plenty of genealogy sites (and others handy for family historians) have embraced what some are calling “Web 2.0.” This year’s 101 Best Websites roundup tilts a bit in their direction, giving a nod to flashy websites chock full of family history finds. Of course, we still value sites containing a zillion indexed records, but isn’t it even better when such a database has an attractive interface and souped-up search capabilities?

Unlike last year, when we singled out free websites, the 2011 compilation includes both free and subscription sites. Though some mostly free sites charge for premium services, you’ll see a symbol only next to sites where you have to pony up for the core content. Ready? Go ahead and spoil yourself a little with these 101 stellar sites.

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From the September 2011 Family Tree Magazine.