Scanner Solutions
You can repair old photos, digitize documents and swap genealogical data all with the latest scanner technology. We've found the best models for your family history needs.

If there's one gadget you should buy this year, it's a scanner. Why? Because no other device (other than a computer) can better facilitate your family history research.

Let's say your cousin Esther in Idaho just got her hands on the family Bible, and you're itching to uncover its genealogical gems. But alas, you live in Rhode Island, and there's no way Esther will risk shipping that heirloom across the continent. You could shell out the cash for color copies — or, if Esther has a scanner, you could just ask her to digitize the Bible's pages (for free) and send them to you over e-mail or post them to her Web site. In the spirit of sharing (and isn't that what genealogy's all about?), you could then scan your grandmother's wedding album and send those images to Esther. You both save money, and you both gain family knowledge — not to mention digital copies of priceless heirlooms.