Pronouncing Your Ancestors’ Polish Hometowns

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In Family Tree University’s Polish Genealogy 201 online genealogy course, we share this fun way to become more familiar with the place-names and language of your ancestral homeland:

Have you ever tried to tell someone the name of your ancestral village and trip over your tongue because you can’t pronounce Czestochowa, Grudziadz or Wloclawek?

You’re not alone! Getting used to all the pronunciation nuances of the Polish language can take some practice. Watch this fun and educational YouTube video “Americans Try to Pronounce Polish Cities” and see if your pronunciation hits the mark.

And remember, Google Translate lets you listen to the foreign-language words you translate. Paste or type the word into the “Translate” box, select the language, then click the microphone icon at the bottom of the box. Make sure your volume is on.
Discover how to trace your Polish ancestry in the records of Poland—register for Polish Genealogy 201 at Family Tree University!