Frequently Asked Questions: About Family Tree and Yankee Publishing

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Q: How did Family Tree magazine and its respective suite of products and services come to life?

Nearly 20 years ago, the modern genealogy boom first began. Fast forward to today, DNA testing is affordable to the masses, information is accessible at the click of a mouse, and traveling to dive into records can be done via armchair. The road to family lineage discovery has more pathways than ever before.

This is where Family Tree comes in. Whether you are a budding family historian or an advanced researcher, we built Family Tree as a home for expert advice you can trust, a hub for discovery, and a resource destination that empowers.

Q: Are you a division of

No, we aren’t affiliated with Family Tree Magazine, Family Tree University and the Family Tree website are owned by New Hampshire-based Yankee Publishing Inc.

Q: Can you help me with my Family Tree Maker software?

Family Tree Maker software is owned by Software Mackiev; that company accepts product and support questions by email via its website. You may also find its support forum helpful in answering your questions.

Q: Do you run Family Tree DNA?

The Family Tree DNA testing service is owned by a genetics company, Gene by Gene. If you have tested with Family Tree DNA and have questions about the product or need assistance, please visit the Family Tree DNA website to contact the company.

Q: Can we do a link exchange for our websites? 

We do not participate in web link exchange programs, but you may advertise with us. Visit our advertising page to learn more.

Q: Do you put my name on other mailing lists?

We do not rent or sell email addresses to third parties, though we do send advertising messages on behalf of outside partners. If you wish not to receive advertiser messages, you may opt out using the preferences link at the bottom of any of our emails.

We do make our magazine subscribers’ names available to other reputable companies whose products and services we feel may interest you. Many of our subscribers find this a valuable and timesaving service. We strictly monitor use of our list. If you would prefer not to receive these mailings, contact the editorial department.

Q: May I reprint one of your articles in my society newsletter or on my website?

The content in Family Tree Magazine‘s content is protected under copyright laws. Please contact the editorial department to arrange permissions.

Q: May I photocopy one of your articles for my genealogy class?

You’re welcome to make a small number of copies to share with fellow genealogists. Due to copyrights, however, you may not distribute large quantities of copies without prior permission. You can contact us before photocopying articles to arrange permissions.

Q: Will you donate magazines or a door prize for my genealogy event?

We have a limited number of door prizes available to donate to genealogy conferences and classes (magazine copies cannot be supplied for events). These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, while supplies last. We aren’t able to accommodate requests for specific door prize items. We fulfill requests on the last Friday of each month (subject to change), so please allow sufficient time when making your request. We can’t be responsible for shipping delays or damage to shipped items.

Please email your request to with the name of your event, the location, date by which items are needed, and the contact person’s name and mailing address (no PO boxes).

Q: How can I learn about advertising or partnering with Family Tree?

Connecting—it’s in our DNA! Family Tree connects readers to the hobby they love. And Family Tree can connect you to them. Get your brand in on the journey. Let’s start a conversation about how we partner together.

Contact Tim Baldwin, Advertising Representative.