Scotland Timeline

By Nancy Hendrickson Premium

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1034 • Duncan I becomes king of Scotland

1297 • William Wallace defeats the English army at Stirling Bridge

1306 • Robert the Bruce is declared king of Scotland

1314 • Bruce’s army defeats Edward II’s army at the Battle of Bannockburn

1406 • James I becomes king of Scotland

1513 • Scottish army loses Battle of Flodden, the largest battle fought between England and Scotland

1542 • Mary, Queen of Scots becomes queen of England

1552 • General Provincial Council orders all parishes to keep baptism registers and marriage banns

1587 • Elizabeth I orders Mary, Queen of Scots’ execution

1603 • Scotland’s James VI becomes King James I of England and Ireland

1707 • Act of Union joins Scotland and England as United Kingdom of Great Britain

1715 • Thousands of Scots support James Edward Stuart as king of Great Britain in the first Jacobite rebellion

1723 • Economist and philosopher Adam Smith is born in Fife

1745 • Scots support Charles Edward Stuart, aka “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” in the second Jacobite rebellion

1746 • English defeat Bonnie Prince Charlie in the Battle of Culloden

1759 • National poet Robert Burns is born in Ayrshire

1778 • Andrew Meikle invents the threshing machine

1824 • George Smith founds the Glenlivet whisky distillery

1829 • Scotland Yard opens as Metropolitan Police headquarters

1843 • Scotsman Alexander Bain invents the facsimile

1855 • Civil registration begins

1883 • Robert Louis Stevenson publishes Treasure Island
1903 • Scottish immigrant David Dunbar Buick forms Buick Motor Car Co.

From the November 2008 Family Tree Magazine