Combating Brick Walls: Episode 70

By Family Tree Editors

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Because brick walls are such a consistent nuisance for genealogists, learn how to combat them with the latest tips and tricks from the experts.

Ep. 70, March 2014

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In this episode:

Sponsor Spotlight: Epigenealogy

Your family health history might be one of the strongest influences on your own health risks, for many types of disease.

With knowledge, you have the most to gain from lifestyle changes and health screenings.  Visit our website at to get started on your journey of identifying your family’s  health risks.

Epigenealogy, Providing Research Services to Trace Your Family’s Health History. 

News from the Blogosphere with Diane Haddad

After being inspired by our recent webinar on Genealogy Problem Solving, Diane started thinking about strategies that have helped her solve problems in her family history research. She looked back on some old blog posts and camp up with these six tips.

Top Tips: German Genealogy

Would you like to follow your family tree back to its roots in Bavaria, Baden, Prussia, Hesse, Saxony and beyond? German research has its unique set of challenges, and here to give us some tips for overcoming them is Jim Beidler, author of the new Family Tree German Genealogy Guide.

101 Best Websites: Digital Public Library of America

Dan Cohen, Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) takes on a tour of this exciting website.

Family Tree University: Unpuzzling County Boundaries

As the population proliferated in places your ancestors settled, counties were often cut into a collection of confusing and chaotic pieces: subdivided, renamed and rearranged—potentially wreaking havoc on your knowledge of where to look for records. Early-settler ancestors may have lived in several different counties without ever having moved an inch.

David Fryxell shares tips that will help you figure out those shifting county boundaries and how to tell which county has the genealogy records you are searching for.

From the Publisher’s Desk: Genealogy Solutions

Allison shares some of her favorite genealogy solutions from Marsh Hoffman Rising’s book  Family Tree Problem Solver.

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Louise Cooke

Listen to Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems and Genealogy: Family History Made Easy podcasts in iTunes and visit her website for great research ideas, podcast episodes and videos.

Have fun climbing your family tree!