Overcoming Challenges in African American Genealogy Research — An Interview with Shamele Jordon

By Family Tree Editors

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Black women sitting on steps ca. 1899
Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, Georgia. Ca. 1899.

In this episode, Family Tree University instructor Shamele Jordon joins us to discuss challenges in African American genealogy research and how family historians can overcome them. Plus we explore websites for French genealogy records, newspaper research and a new online storytelling tool.

Ep. 158: February 2022

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In this episode:

Tree Talk (01:30)

Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Christian joins Lisa to talk about what’s trending in the world of genealogy.

Black History Month

Black History Month Home
African American Genealogy from Family Tree Magazine

Library Lover’s Month

The Best Libraries for Genealogy Research
The 15 Best Genealogy Books According to Readers
Genealogy Books: Your Ultimate Gift Guide (Listed by Subject)

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Family Tree University instructor Shamele Jordon discusses some of the challenges of African American research, and provides and overview of how her upcoming course can help.

Course: Researching African American Ancestors

Family History Home: StoryFile (16:10)

There’s a new storytelling online tool that allows users to record answers to questions about their life, and then uses Artificial Intelligence to make it interactive for generations to come. Heather Smith, CEO of StoryFile, tells us more.

Podcast Sponsor: (27:42)

This episode is sponsored by and Jenny Ashcraft is back to share three of her top search tips for finding great content at logo

Best Genealogy Websites: French Genealogy (32:15)

Author David Fryxell explains the latest changes in the genealogy industry pertaining to French genealogical records.

Geneanet claims to be the largest European genealogy website. Here’s an overview of its family trees and other helpful features.

Editor’s Desk: Our New Issue (41:28)

Magazine editor Andrew Koch gives us an insider preview of the March/April issue of Family Tree Magazine.  

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

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Lisa Louise Cooke
Lisa Louise Cooke