Picking the Perfect DNA Test – An Interview with Shannon Combs-Bennett

By Family Tree Editors

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In this episode, Shannon Combs-Bennett highlights the top DNA tests and their most notable offerings to help you decide which one best fits your needs. Also, author Charlotte Barnes tells us how we can get the kids in our lives interested in genealogy.

Tree Talk (00:59)

Family Tree Magazine New Media editor Rachel Christian covers the latest genealogy news.


Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

NY Naturalizations

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Feature: DNA Testing Companies (03:04)

Shannon Combs Bennett is back to give us the latest run down on the various available DNA testing companies:

Read DNA Test Reviews: AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, and more by Shannon Combs Bennett.

Genealogist and DNA expert Shannon Combs-Bennett looks at 5 of the major DNA tests on the market.
Shannon Combs-Bennett
Shannon Combs-Bennett

Family History Home: Getting Kids interested in Family History (18:41)

Author Charlotte Barnes shares an array of creative ideas for sharing genealogy and family history with the kids in your family.

Resources Mentioned in This Interview:

Turning Little Hearts – Blog

Turning Little Hearts – Book

Editor’s Desk (31:11)

Magazine editor Andrew Koch gives us an insider preview of the September / October issue of Family Tree Magazine.  

Andrew’s Tip: Since you can create and manage as many online family trees as you like, create trees for different purposes. Similar to Lisa’s “master tree” model where online trees are limited and for certain purposes.

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