Picture-Perfect Photo Books: Episode 131

By Family Tree Editors

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The podcast is back and better than ever with new tips, tricks and interviews with the experts. Join Lisa as she tackles perfect photo books and much more.

Ep. 131: November 2019

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In this episode:

Tree Talk (1:35)

This month’s question: Do you have an interesting story that was uncovered during genealogy research?

Helen responded to our prompt by sharing the surprising discoveries she made while visiting the Warren County PA historical society.

“It was a surprise when I found it took us back to the Revolutionary War and the 7th Great grandfather was the only one arrested for the Boston Tea Party. I had to verify this, and it is on the web page for the Tea Party museum.”

Reader Helen via email

Thanks to Helen for sharing, and keep an eye out for upcoming Tree Talk questions on the Family Tree Magazine Facebook page!

Picture Perfect Photo Books (4:38)

In this episode we are featuring an article from the December 2019 issue of Family Tree Magazine that is guaranteed to help you put a smile on your family’s face. It’s called Picture Perfect Photo Books, and the article’s author, Sunny Morton, explains how to save and share your memories with a family photo book.

Online Article: Creating a Family Photo Book: The 5 Elements to Include

Sunny Jane Morton

DNA Deconstructed: Handling Sensitive Information (14:01)

Some of the most personal, sensitive or unique information that exists about us is our DNA. And with the popularity of DNA testing for genealogical purposes, more and more people are facing delicate and sensitive interpersonal situations. DNA expert Diahan Southard shares tips on handling sensitive genetic information.

Online Article: DNA Q&A: Handling Sensitive Information

Diahan Southard

Best Genealogy Websites & Stories from the Stacks (22:16)

Featuring: The New England Historic Genealogical Society Library and American Ancestors website.

Claire Vail is the Director of Creative and Digital Strategy for the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and the leader and visionary behind the website’s new content, growth, and development for the past five years.

She’s the individual behind the recent new website developments of the Historic Catholic Records Online Project, which was created in collaboration with the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, as well as the GU272 Memory Project, and the NEHGS’s interactive Mayflower companion website.

In this interview you’ll hear what’s available at the website, best search strategies for finding what you need, and some of the most popular collections on the site.

Quick Facts:

  • Database search = 463 databases
  • Founded in 1845.
  • The organization’s 175th anniversary is in 2020.
  • Physical Location: 99 – 101 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116, USA
    Phone: 888 – 296 – 3447
  • Learn more about visiting the library in person here.

Search Tips:

  • A membership gives you full access. $95/year
  • You can also sign up as a Guest. Do that before you start searching. Click the Join and Renew button and then click the first box that says Guest Membership. All that is required is a name and email address. This will allow you to see much more content than you would otherwise.
  • Sign in > Search > Advanced Search – on the right you will find search help.
  • When you select a database, search tips specific to that database will appear beneath the form.
Claire Vail

Your Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Listen to Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems Podcast in your favorite podcasting app or with the Genealogy Gems Podcast app in your app store, and visit her website for great research ideas, podcast episodes and videos.

Have fun climbing your family tree!